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An organisation dedicated to standardising the RDF Dictionary method is in the process of being established: LEXDATA.org. Following is valid until the transfer of hosting of this project has been transferred to LEXDATA.org.

Open Source Development of an RDF Dictionary

LEXML is hosting the open source development of a multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional RDF Dictionary for the legal world. The mailinglist for the development is hosted by Leiden University, the Netherlands and managed by Adriaan Bloem of LEXML Nederland. If you are interested to take part in the development, you are invited to join the community by subscribing to the mailinglist.

Enter HERE the development environment on the site of sourceforge.net!

Other rdf dictionary projects

Dictionary Workgroup at LegalXML

John McClure has initiated the development of another RDF Dictionary at LegalXML, which will contain all English language legal terms. This project closely cooperates with the project hosted by LEXML. The long term view on the cooperation is to be found in the statement issued by John McClure and Murk Muller.

European Legal RDF Dictionary

The development of a prototype webinterface using an rdf dictionary, acting as a catalyst for forming a network of rdf dictionaries within Europe.


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