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What is Lexml?

  • LEXML has been established to serve the growing interest in automated exchange of legal data. It serves as an open forum for the legal domain to exchange ideas and experiences associated with XML and related core standards.
  • LEXML is a point of co-ordination and a workforce for the development of standardized structures, vocabularies and data exchange tools. Lexml pursues its goals in particular through the development of a global legal datamodell and the development of an open source legal office programm, which speaks and understands XML.
  • LEXML is a network of independently organised communities, which may be jurisdiction oriented (like Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden) or subjectmatter oriented. It is decentral, with a peer to peer aproach. Anyone can start a LEXML community.
  • LEXML may also be described as a network of websites linked together so as to compose a true information resource within the European legal domain. The communities stay in contact through mailinglists, meetings and by jointly working on cross-jurisdictional projects.

This mission statement is the result of deliberations at the legal session of XML Europe 2001 in Berlin, where LEXML was confirmed as the forum for XML standardisation in the legal domain in Europe.