The objectives of the Project are


1)      to build a prototype which improves on cross border information retrieval from legal websites.

2)      show that is possible to build the web interface/demonstrator needed for the prototype with XML standards (including RDF) and open source software. All (source)code will be freely available and accessible. Also a report on how the web interface/demonstrator was built will be produced.

3)      discover and describe for the prototype approximately 50 legal archetypes which are to capture the aspects of approximately five common legal terms in the languages English, German, French and Dutch. The matching of the terms to the archetypes will account for and show commonalities and differences in meaning of these terms, as they are used in the jurisdictions of the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. All code capturing the archetypes and their linking to the chosen set of legal terms will be freely accessible and readable.

4)      design and execute a formal test procedure to measure the difference of the results of information retrieval with and without the prototype

5)      after the first test run improve where necessary the prototype aiming for the maximum possible user satisfaction

6)      execute the test a second time

7)      write a test report

8)      find stakeholders and involve them in the project at an early stage. Persuade them to involve themselves in the further development of the RDF Dictionary and agree their participation in terms of timescales, resources and inputs.

9)      Evaluate the project and its results and write a report

10)   Disseminate the the results of the project to a wide public with the aim to ensure that the project may serve as a basis for the development of a global network of RDF Dictionaries.