Proposal Abstract


Exchanging XML-data of legal documents marked up with the same datastructure (XML Schema) poses no significant problems. For data stemming from different structures an interface is needed, which "maps" one structure to the other in other to make these data comparable. The concept for this interface is the “RDF Dictionary”.


This project will demonstrate the advantages of the RDF Dictionary for exchange of legal data, and possible wider application in other domain areas on the Web. A prototype of one particular application of the RDF Dictionary will be built and tested; an open source web interface, which across European language and jurisdictional borders improves the retrieval of information from existing legal websites.


The prototype and the supportive measures of this project will establish a basis for a global net of RDF Dictionaries.



Proposal Summary




The objectives of this project are the means to achieve the goal stated in the Proposal Abstract (A1.):  to demonstrate the advantages of the RDF Dictionary for exchange of legal data. The first and main objective is to build and test a prototype of one particular application of the RDF Dictionary. The prototype, which will be accessible from any point in the internet, consists of a core RDF Dictionary and a browser-based demonstrator. It will persuade users that across language and jurisdictional borders retrieval of information from existing legal websites is improved by applying the archetype method and XML standards, in particular RDF. Users will be persuaded by obtaining easier access to the information contained in the website and increased interpretation possibilities of retrieved data, to let the user establish if the data contains information which is relevant to his search.


Further objectives include early involvement of stakeholders and dissemination, both aimed at the greatest possible acceptance of the RDF Dictionary method. The acceptance will serve as a basis for the development of a global network of RDF Dictionaries, each Dictionary covering particular (groups of) jurisdictions or subject-matter.



(Proposal Summary)


Description of the work (main point mentioned only, please refer to the Workpackages for a more detailed description)


a. Prototype development





b. Prototype testing



c. Stakeholders:



d. Evaluation and Report


e. Disseminiation



(Proposal Summary)




The prototype will be a clearly visible demonstration of the possibilities of using the semantic Web in the legal domain. The testing and its report will offer stakeholders and users also an objective perspective to appreciate the advantages offered by the RDF Dictionary concept. The early involvement of will accelerate the build-up of a network of RDF Dictionaries across the globe.